Do you know your home’s history?

Every place has a story, if you know where to look.

Learning about the people who have lived, loved, and died in your home is a beautiful way to connect to your house and the people who once lived there. Old homes are full of little (and big!) mysteries, and knowing the history can help you fill in the gaps, giving you important information about your property. 

The process of researching an old house can feel overwhelming. You may be asking questions like: 

- Where do I begin? 

- Where do I find this stuff?

- How do I keep track of everything?

- How long is this going to take?

- How much will this cost?

What you need is a simple, straightforward method for getting your information, and a way of recording it that’s easy to reference. A blueprint, if you will.

Home History Blueprint

for the home history hobbyist (easier to type than say!) who is ready to discover the backstory of their historic property

This course will teach research techniques to dig up the details about who lived in your historic home. The included Investigative Toolkit (PDF) will give you a place to record what you find. 

The Home History Blueprint course includes 3 phases to get you the scoop on each leg of your research journey. It covers what you should see and find in your search but also gives you tips and work-arounds for common obstacles (weird deed records, address changes, divided lots, etc.). It includes verified resources, both free and paid to conduct home history searches (and I’ll tell you how I get access to some subscription content - for free!). 

The best part about researching your old house is that (thanks to some amazing volunteers and modern technology) you can find a lot of information online - yes, without ever leaving your couch! Home history research can absolutely be done as a hobby experience and, while it feels complicated, the Home History Blueprint will keep you on track. 

Ready to take your investigation on the road? For those of you ready to get out of the house I include my favorite brick-and-mortar resources for home history research, including great people to talk to. There are few things history enthusiasts like more than sharing all the information they've acquired! 

And once you know how old your place is and who lived there, there is so much more to discover! I’ll take you through my process of researching the genealogy of historical house occupants, including how I cross-reference information to make sure that we get things right.

So let’s get started - I can’t wait to see what you find out! 

Are you...

  • The Old House Lover

    You live in a century/historic home and are wondering “How old is this place, really?” You’ve seen some names written on a door frame or inside a kitchen drawer, and you want to know who they were and what brought them to your home. Who lived (or died) here? Who stashed the newspapers in the walls? You’re curious about the history of your neighborhood and the story behind how your house came to be constructed. You love putting the pieces of a puzzle together, but the process seems overwhelming and you’re not sure where to start. You feel like you don’t just own the house, you’re its caretaker and guardian. Researching your home’s history will connect you to those who have walked its halls before.

  • The Storytelling Host

    You’re a rental property/VRBO/Airbnb owner/host and you want your home to stand out from the other options in your area. Sure, there are other historic homes nearby, but is yours older? Was it built by local royalty? Does it have some secrets to tell? You’ve made sure your home décor and staging are Instagram perfect, but you want to give your renters a truly unique stay by sharing the special history of the space they’re in. Your home’s history is the perfect opener to the property’s guest book!

  • The Inquisitive Agent

    You’re a real-estate agent and you want to be able to give your sellers an edge when they list their home for sale. You’re in a competitive market and you know that homes with interesting histories draw in more interested buyers, giving your client more options. As a buyer’s agent, you want to be able to quickly and efficiently learn about the older homes on the market to minimize the surprises for your clients. The information in the MLS is helpful, but it doesn’t always provide the full picture behind the history of the property, and you want your buyers to feel confident in their purchase. Discovering and sharing the history of their “century home” also makes for an amazing closing gift as the property begins its next chapter.

Every project needs a good blueprint

Find out the backstory of your space using My Hearth Story’s Home History Blueprint. This three week course is designed to maximize your research time and get you the scoop on your house’s past.

What you'll get

The Home History Blueprint has everything you need to research your historic home:

  • Video courses that take you step-by-step through the research process, including verified strategies for finding information when the trail goes cold

  • An Investigative Toolkit of worksheets to keep you organized and on track, designed to make your research time more efficient

  • A curated list of Very Important Sources as a research reservoir

  • Case studies examining how to overcome common research blocks

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the Blueprint and Investigative Toolkit, so you can leave and come back to your work, or just come back for updates

Yes! Let's do this!

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